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denny & gayle

“We are currently working with Terry on the extensive remodeling of our recently purchased Sun Lakes home. Terry has a Master’s degree in architecture/design and specializes in residential remodeling. We have been especially pleased with her positive and supportive attitude in guiding us through this challenging project. Her skill in working with color design is the best we’ve ever encountered through our experiences in building and remodeling 9 homes in our lifetime. She has a great eye for space — that is, how walls, cabinets, flooring, furniture, and color all work together to build an attractive environment for us. While Terry leans toward a more modern flavor, she has fully accepted and enhanced our traditional design preferences. She has very good organization and documentation skills, and is not timid when working with our sub-contractors. Overall, she has been a great contributor and a delight to work with on this project.” – denny & gayle

neal & millie

Terry Harrison designed and managed our total home remodel, which meant that walls were knocked out, inside and out. Patios were added, and she is now in charge of designing our huge backyard. Her knowledge, experience, background and ability to communicate and understand our vision was beyond reproach. She also gave us construction companies to talk to and bid the project. She worked smoothly and easily with our choice. Terry was always available, by phone or a quick visit. We saved money using her because she allowed us to take advantage of her negotiated trade discounts. She is our 5 star designer. We recommend her to our best friends and family and they have all been as happy as us.

jon & susan

"During this past year, Susan and I made the decision to go through a remodel of the kitchen, family room and master bath. We watch a fair amount of HGTV and I've got some ideas on some things we like and didn't like. But as we got into planning the remodel we came to the conclusion we were a bit over our head. Considering the amount of money were spending we didn't want to take the chance on us doing it by ourselves."

We recently met Terry Harrison through a social event and were quite impressed with her resume. After our initial consultation with Terry, she sent us a nice review about what was discussed. Then she came back with her initial recommendations. Understand, we knew that they were not fixed in stone but the recommendations caused Susan and I to stretch a bit. The process also gave us a better understanding of what kind of cost we are really going to have.

After some back-and-forth between the three of us, we came up with a good plan. We had one or two situations were I, the doubting Thomas, had to just trust her judgment, and I must say I'm glad I did. Our remodel really turned out well. I do believe the cost savings Terry helped us find more than covered her charges. So in summary, I do believe Terry's advice keep us well within our budget, her knowledge and experience kept things moving along smoothly, and more importantly she was just a joy to work with."

ann & gary

"Your unique combination of brilliant design expertise, “people skills”, and budget consciousness made our renovation enjoyable, cost effective and far less stressful than it would have been without your help. Your ability to analyze our tastes, and then visualize and artfully arrange colors, shapes and light produced the environment we wanted but couldn’t describe.

We were impressed by your ability to mediate the conflicts that arise during a renovation. You understood the perspectives of different participants and were able to communicate effectively with both husband and wife, as well as with the contractor, suppliers and tradespeople.

You were always cost-conscious and were able to guide us to economical solutions in appropriate spots so we got the very best “bang for our buck”. We are delighted with our home and so grateful for your work.
We were amazed by the way you made rooms look much bigger just by changing the height of a counter, adjusting the lighting, or moving furniture.

Although you designed fabulous looking spaces, you never sacrificed a room’s comfort or utility. You created a home that looks great but is perfectly suited to our lifestyle.

We loved your use of light in our design. The worst part of renovating for a homeowner is second-guessing the choices you’ve made. Will the granite you’ve chosen actually go with the backsplash material? Your comforting reassurance saved me many sleepless nights."

jonathan and ann

My husband and I are most grateful that Terry had her ever-present hand in our 2016 home renovation decisions. When Terry entered our home, she envisioned a more spacious utilitarian living arrangement. After the completion of the project, including reconstruction and decorating choices, the family now enjoys lovely, yet homey space. Thank you for exceeding our expectations. To date we recommended her services to two friends, knowing that they too will be pleased.


Terry was fantastic. She made sure she understood what I was looking for, then offered advice and suggestions that insured the project exceeded my expectations. Her suggestions helped bring the project in below budget while improving the quality of the design and decor.


If I could give Terry more than 5 stars.. I would!! I spoke to Terry on the phone for the first time, only having a couple of ideas in my head. Terry seemed to know IMMEDIATELY what I wanted, down to the very last detail. When she came to my home, this continued, as she pointed out more of the improvements that I again was thinking about, but had not given voice to as I did not know if they were even possible! My home re-model is beautiful and more than I could have ever imagined. I will be using Terry again in the future to complete the new look. Her ideas and skill are AMAZING!! I highly recommend Harrison Herbeck!!

kim & patrick

Terry is an amazing interior designer! Why? She has a fantastic eye for color, a ton of experience, really listens, works with you, makes everything quicker/easier, and so much more. She delivers what she says she will and when. She manages the relationships with vendors so that you don't have to worry about doing all the research, finding the best people, etc.. She made the process of remodeling my home such an exciting and fun experience. We've been living in the home now for two months and every day I love it more. I can see now what she probably saw and what makes her vision so special. Can't wait to start on the outside/backyard!


"Terry has a wonderful eye. She is somehow magically able to discover in each space its best potential."


Personable, professional, an eye for design! If you ever have the opportunity to work with them, I highly recommend it, you will love the results!

mary and tom

After buying our home, Terry helped us update our look. She had great suggestions for lighting, a bathroom update, furniture choices and rearranging our present furniture to make the home flow better. Terry was a pleasure to work with and always friendly. We were very happy with Terry's work.e results!

becky & john

“Terry Harrison is our “go-to” for remodeling projects. Often, our buyers will find a lot that they love but parts of the house itself just aren’t what they desired. Terry has done top-to-bottom, down-to-the-studs major remodeling for a number of our clients. She creates a custom home that rivals anything you would find valley-wide. Terry also does smaller remodeling jobs and is available at a reasonable per hour fee for furniture placement, color schematics, and smaller remodeling projects. She and her husband live in Oakwood and while both have backgrounds in real estate and interior design, Terry has a degree in Architectural Space Planning and Design. After recommending Terry to several clients, I decided to hire her for a simple project. My house was dark in certain rooms. Terry made some recommendations to lighten those areas and edited some of our artwork creating a light, bright, and happy place for us. She can do it all – small, medium, and complete remodels.” Becky Kolb

heather & brian

Terry Harrison was a gift from the design gods. Her professionalism, eye for detail, work ethic and incredible vision made our remodeling project a joyous experience.  

Terry listened to what we envisioned, and brought forth ideas to enhance our ideas and sometimes nudged us to think beyond the box we often put ourselves into. It was like taking your trusted best friend shopping…and she tells you what works, what doesn’t and other things to consider. All with an impeccable sense of style, class and complete respect to the budget.

We can state with complete confidence that this job could not have been done on time, on budget, with no drama without her guiding hand. Often times after the work is complete you will say…”I wish I had done…” Terry expected the unexpected, saw the finish line long before we did, and allowed us our “ahhhhh….” moment.

If there is one person that I could recommend as a very important part of the remodel or designs puzzle…Terry Harrison is the key to success on any project.

susan & gayle

My husband and I hired the Harrison Herbeck team to guide us in changing a dated manufactured home into a desirable rental property. Terry Harrison is a master with color. With a change in color for walls, ceiling, and carpet and recommendations to change the older appliances to stainless steel the property became a highly desirable property that rented for approximately 10% above neighboring properties. The finished property looked bright, clean, and contemporary.

mike & Selma

Terry Harrison is a supreme professional and a delight to work with. Her knowledge of home design combined cabinet layout, color palettes, flooring and furniture placement into a lovely, contemporary package that we now call home. She is task oriented, timely in meeting deadlines and considerate of price point concerns. We love our home remodel and recommend Terry, and her husband Terry, for any large or small re-design!

karen & charlie

From our initial meeting we knew Terry would give us great options in helping us find exactly what we wanted. She helped with details, created spaces we would never have considered, and checked on the progress almost daily throughout construction. She is very knowledgeable with the local tradespeople which helped to make our selections easier to find. We consider her team the finest and know she always acted in our best interest

kelly & torrey

We had a fantastic experience working with Harrison Herbeck. Terry helped us on a number of projects including a master suite addition. She provided much needed insight and ideas before our construction started. I wish we had discovered her earlier! Additionally, Terry gave us some GREAT ideas on how to improve our existing living spaces. We recently implemented her suggestion by rearranging the layout of a living area. It completely opened up the space and made it feel so much more inviting. We truly enjoyed working with Terry!

rich & Linda

Terry did an outstanding job of directing our remodel. The finished product exceeded our expectations. Her construction knowledge and attention to detail is unbelievable. We highly recommend her firm.

kellie & tom

We worked with Terry to install a custom office in our home. She was terrific to work with and brought new ideas to the table. She gave us time to review plans without hurrying us and always provided more than one option so we had choices. She was also happy to help us with questions on our own DIY projects! We would definitely work with her again. Thanks Terry!

werner & valerie

Ms. Harrison's advice and involvement in the project was second to none; absolutely professional without being overbearing. We would recommend her to anyone seeking to upgrade their home.

sue & dave

"Terry is a wonderful interior designer. She immediately discerns how to create a beautifully finished product.

Terry has a gift of understanding a client’s design needs while incorporating a thoughtful and correct blending of each homeowner’s personality with necessary design changes. Additionally, her confident and winsome personality enables her to successfully work with both the homeowner and contractor.

She has helped me significantly improve several interior and exterior areas of my home. I like the way I can depend on her as the responsible party who oversees all activities that bring the project to a successful conclusion.
I highly recommend Terry to you."


I have had the pleasure of working with Terry on numerous occasions. She is very knowledgable about interior and exterior design, spacial awareness, has a great eye for detail and is super professional. I happily recommend Terry to my clients in need of a designer. You cannot go wrong with Terry!