ann & gary

“Your unique combination of brilliant design expertise, “people skills”, and budget consciousness made our renovation enjoyable, cost effective and far less stressful than it would have been without your help. Your ability to analyze our tastes, and then visualize and artfully arrange colors, shapes and light produced the environment we wanted but couldn’t describe.

We were impressed by your ability to mediate the conflicts that arise during a renovation. You understood the perspectives of different participants and were able to communicate effectively with both husband and wife, as well as with the contractor, suppliers and tradespeople.

You were always cost-conscious and were able to guide us to economical solutions in appropriate spots so we got the very best “bang for our buck”. We are delighted with our home and so grateful for your work.
We were amazed by the way you made rooms look much bigger just by changing the height of a counter, adjusting the lighting, or moving furniture.

Although you designed fabulous looking spaces, you never sacrificed a room’s comfort or utility. You created a home that looks great but is perfectly suited to our lifestyle.

We loved your use of light in our design. The worst part of renovating for a homeowner is second-guessing the choices you’ve made. Will the granite you’ve chosen actually go with the backsplash material? Your comforting reassurance saved me many sleepless nights.”