sue & dave

“Terry is a wonderful interior designer. She immediately discerns how to create a beautifully finished product. (more…)


“Terry has a wonderful eye. She is somehow magically able to discover in each space its best potential.”

heather & brian

Terry Harrison was a gift from the design gods. Her professionalism, eye for detail, work ethic and incredible vision made our remodeling project a joyous experience. (more…)

jon & susan

“During this past year, Susan and I made the decision to go through a remodel of the kitchen, family room and master bath. We watch a fair amount of HGTV and I’ve got some ideas on some things we like and didn’t like. But as we got into planning the remodel we came to the conclusion we were a bit over our head. Considering the amount of money were spending we didn’t want to take the chance on us doing it by ourselves.”

We recently met Terry Harrison through a social event and were quite impressed with her resume. After our initial consultation with Terry, she sent us a nice review about what was discussed. Then she came back with her initial recommendations. Understand, we knew that they were not fixed in stone but the recommendations caused Susan and I to stretch a bit. The process also gave us a better understanding of what kind of cost we are really going to have.

After some back-and-forth between the three of us, we came up with a good plan. We had one or two situations were I, the doubting Thomas, had to just trust her judgment, and I must say I’m glad I did. Our remodel really turned out well. I do believe the cost savings Terry helped us find more than covered her charges. So in summary, I do believe Terry’s advice keep us well within our budget, her knowledge and experience kept things moving along smoothly, and more importantly she was just a joy to work with.”

ann & gary

“Your unique combination of brilliant design expertise, “people skills”, and budget consciousness made our renovation enjoyable, cost effective and far less stressful than it would have been without your help. Your ability to analyze our tastes, and then visualize and artfully arrange colors, shapes and light produced the environment we wanted but couldn’t describe. (more…)